Saturday Link-a-palooza

I present to you my favorite articles and interviews from the week. Check these out as you drink your morning coffee or do whatever you do when you read stuff.

Your Fun Reads

Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me About Sara, Crazy Kid Drummer?
Now you know.

Behind Kanye’s Mask
Okay, so the Kanye thing is worth a read. There’s no denying that he’s talented and, like it or not, he’s a big deal in the music world. I wouldn’t say he’s the “nucleus” of culture, but he would disagree. I don’t know who’s buying into Kanye’s hype anymore, but the New York Times seems to be into it a little. Kanye says some genuinely interesting things and some genuinely inspired things — and then he undercuts it with a little bit (a lot) of narcissism and some (a lot of) statements that require a re-read, a pause and then “What does that even mean?” Read it.

And then read this: 14 Life Lessons from an Awesomely Batshit Interview with Kanye West

Dave Eggers “Anoints” the Next Literary Stars
Listen, guys. Sally Mao. She’s terrific. I’m sure the others on the list are too, but Sally is extra fabulous.

Want to Learn How to Think? Read Fiction
I mean, yeah. Basically.

Your Long(ish) Reads

Print ‘em out, set ‘em up on your tablets or your e-readers or what-have-you, and spend an afternoon reading these.

The Public Life of Poetry: An Interview with Natasha Trethewey
Jennifer Chang, one of my favorite poets and people, interviews poet laureate Natsha Trethewey. It’s a great and infinitely intelligent discussion, and no summary I write will do it justice. Just trust me and read this.

Some Thoughts on Biracialism and Poetry
I’ll be honest with you — I haven’t read this one yet. It’s printed out and I’m ready to read it with my morning cup o’ coffee. But I’m certain this will be great because it’s written by Paisley Rekdal, and so, it goes into my recommended long(ish) reads for the week.

Happy weekend, Internetz!


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